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Create an irresistible ebook, journal or planner that captivates your DREAM clients.

No more blank screens - Build a Biz Book makes it easy!

**only $125.00 plus GST***

Are you a 'not-so-techy' business owner?

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of trying to Build a Biz Book and get it out  by yourself?

Do you feel that you are busy running your business but you are finding the tech too complicated and feel it is slowing you down from the business you thought you would have?

You know what you want to do but you don't know what tech you need - does this sound right?

Then Build a Biz Book is perfect for you!

In this course, let me be your left and right brained magician. I will be teaching you in a 'non-techy' way the next steps you need Build a Biz Book, create mockups, set up a landing page and nurture sequence and launch it to your DREAM clients.

We will get it done in stages. No more getting overwhelmed with 'too much information'.

Build a Biz Book that will have you screaming YES to learn more!

Step inside and let's do this techy stuff together. Grab my magic wand (oops, I mean my hand) and let's do this!


This was a great introduction to building a simple ebook or planner with loads of resources to make the process so much easier. Jo is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with sharing her skills - above and beyond. If you've been wanting to create a freebie to help your business, this is a great place to start!

-Sam Wilson-

**Only $125.00 plus GST.**

Did you know that learning from someone who 'walks their talk' actually helps you to trust them more?

Get to know how to Build a Biz Book inside out in a FUN and MAGICAL way...


video instructions

Walk through videos from start to finish. Learn alongside me and learn how to Build a Biz Book, create the mockups, build a landing page, add a nurture sequence and get it out to your DREAM clients.

No more tech stress as we take this business journey together.

Canva Templates

No more starting from scratch! With my pre-designed Canva templates, you'll have a head start in creating a beautiful ebook, journal, or planner for your DREAM clients. These templates will save you time and effort while ensuring professional and eye-catching designs.


Email nurture sequence with checklist

Build strong connections with your audience through an effective email nurture sequence.

Build a Biz Book includes a carefully crafted series of emails that will help you engage and nurture your subscribers, leading to increased trust and higher conversions.

Monthly Coaching

Chat with Jo during office hours on a monthly basis.


Simply fill in the form before the monthly call with your question (or maybe you want Jo to have a look at something for you).


Once all pre-submitted questions are answered, there may be time for more if you are on the call.


"Jo is so generous with her information and is an inspiration. How she turns up in her business is exactly how she is, and her wealth of knowledge around social media, Canva, and looking good online is fabulous."

-Jacque Opie-

**Only $125.00 plus GST.**

You are going to LOVE learning how to
Build a Biz Book right beside me...

Jo video.png

Have you been staring at Canva and not knowing where to start? I totally get that. A lot of my clients and students (and even me) do that.


Let's walk through the platform together - I will teach you some of the basics (I don't want you feeling overwhelmed with too much) and you can go step-by-step alongside me.

Not only will you overcome your techy challenges, but you'll also:

  • Create a stunning ebook, journal, or planner without the frustration of starting from a blank screen.

  • Establish a fabulous user experience by making your creation fillable.

  • Showcase your work with mock-ups and set up an appealing landing page (form) using MailerLite.

  • Engage your audience consistently with a fabulous nurture sequence.

  • Enhance visibility by creating a links page and integrating it into your social media platforms.

  • Capture attention with awesome social media graphics and easily update your Facebook pages with links.

  • Launch your ebook confidently without procrastination or tech stress.

Don't let tech keep you from bringing your creative ideas to life. Join Build a Biz Book and embark on an exciting journey towards successfully launching your ebook, journal, or planner. You’re amazing and you’ve got this!

What do I get, Jo?


Lifetime Access

If you don't use your new skills for a while, it's easy to forget. With lifetime access, you can go back and refresh at any time.



Walking alongside someone else on a new journey is the easiest way to learn. You may even think I'm in the same room!!



Working from a template makes it a lot easier to get started. No need to start from scratch - I've done the hard work for you.


Monthly Coaching

There's so much noise these days on socials. This way you get to chat with me and get answers to whatever you are stuck on.

Are you ready for me to wave my wand over your business? Let's do it!


“You control your destiny. 
You don’t need magic to do it.”


Hello beautiful, I'm Jo...


I am a self-confessed Canva addict and Disney nerd. I have been described as the only person to have a Mary Poppins quote on my LinkedIn! I love reading and illustrating on my iPad. I'm a mum to a big human and a little fur baby and I'm married to my best friend.

Starting my own business after 35+ years in the corporate world has allowed me to help some amazing business owners around the globe and I hope that I can help you too (if I haven't helped you already).

I love to create and learn new things but I absolutely love to teach what I learn. The courses I have taken and the platforms I have learned have given me a great base for helping others along the way.


"When she doesn't know something, she will find out in no-time. I am so impressed by her self-teaching approach and simple DOING what needs to be done. She has taken many things off my plate and I consider her a key asset in my businesses."

-Marlie Jolanda-

**Only $125.00 plus GST.**

Get a peek inside Build a Biz Book...


Have you ever wanted to list an ebook, planner or journal on Amazon?

Let me show you how with my tutorial on creating your books and covers and listing on Amazon KDP.

Notion Dashboard


Take your organisation to the next level with my exclusive Notion Dashboard. This bonus will provide you with a comprehensive and customisable workspace to keep track of all your ebook, journal, or planner creation tasks, ideas, and progress. Stay organised and motivated throughout your journey.


Refund Policy

As you get instant access to the entire course and templates upon purchase, I do not offer refunds.


Please read through the whole sales page carefully (including the FAQs below) before choosing to purchase and, of course, if you have ANY questions, please send a message by clicking on the chat hat (or the ... if you're on a mobile device and hit chat) in the bottom right hand corner!

What is included GIF
  • Instant access to the course portal

  • Step-by-step video tutorials

  • Templates on various platforms

  • Monthly office hours

**Only $125.00 AUD (plus GST) **

Are you ready to take the leap and finally launch your ebook, journal, or planner without any tech stress?

With Build a Biz Book, you can kiss goodbye to the overwhelming feeling of not knowing how to navigate the techy stuff. Take my hand and come on a fun and magical journey towards creating, setting up, and launching your dream ebook, journal or planner.

**Only $125.00 AUD (plus GST) **
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