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The $7.00 a month Club (plus GST) that helps to make business simple for new(er) and ‘not-so-techy’ people in business

**Only $7.00 AUD (plus GST) per month**

Are you a 'not-so-techy' business owner?

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of trying to learn new business platforms by yourself?

Do you feel that you are busy running your business but you are finding the tech too complicated and feel it is slowing you down from the business you thought you would have?

You know what you want to do but you don't know what tech you need - does this sound right?

Then this Club is perfect for you!

In this Club, let me be your tech nerd or geek and I will be teaching you in a 'non-techy' way the next steps you need to learn the ins and outs of these easy to use and efficient business platforms. 

Canva, Notion, Trello, Flodesk, MailerLite and Wix.

Follow two pathways in your journey - no more getting overwhelmed with 'too much information'.

Create business systems that will have you screaming YES to learn more!

Step inside and let's do this techy stuff together. Grab my magic wand (oops, I mean my hand) and let's do this!


"Loved working with Jo not only did she set me up with the work I required she enabled me to learn to use the systems myself at the same time. Very happy highly recommend."

-Jenna Williams-

**Only $7.00 AUD (plus GST) per month**

Did you know that learning from someone who 'walks their talk' actually helps you to trust them more?

Get to know your business platforms inside out in a fun and magical way (with a woman who walks her talk)...

Here's what is included in the Club.png

video instructions

Walk through videos from start to finish. Learn alongside me and learn the biz platforms you need to get moving on.


No more tech stress as we take this business journey together.

Topics will include the basics of Canva, how to set up social media planners and creating a links page.

Canva Basics Guide

Even if you've never used Canva before, don't worry as I've got you covered with my Canva Basics Guide.


Even if you've used Canva before, you may still find some things that you didn't know.

Download your free PDF and learn more about this awesome business platform.


Voxer Office Hours

Chat with Jo during office hours on a monthly basis.

Simply send a text, a voice message or even a link to let Jo know what you need help with.

She will reply with a message or even record a video if you are experiencing something that other amazing members need help with.

Templates for different platforms

You will be provided with business templates for a variety of platforms including Canva, Trello, Notion, Airtable and more.

For starters, we have social media planners in Trello, Notion and Airtable.

We will be using marketing and other business templates that will be perfect for all your business uses.

This helps you to get started with minimal effort.

Simply tweak to your own branding or needs and you're good to go.


"Jo is so generous with her information and is an inspiration. How she turns up in her business is exactly how she is, and her wealth of knowledge around social media, Canva, and looking good online is fabulous."

-Jacque Opie-

**Only $7.00 AUD (plus GST) per month**

You are going to LOVE learning more about Canva right beside me...

Have you been staring at Canva and not knowing where to start? I totally get that. A lot of my clients and students (and even me) do that.


Let's walk through the platform together - I will teach you some of the basics (I don't want you feeling overwhelmed with too much) and you can go step-by-step alongside me.

These easy to use business platforms are perfect for you in the early stages

Programs GIF.gif

Let me teach you the basics of not only my very favourite platform, Canva, but also some of the other, easy to use, business platforms that you may need:

Trello, Notion, Airtable, MailerLite, Flodesk, Wix

In this way, we're covering the main points in your business - project and task management, design plus email marketing.

How is this going to help me, Jo?

Not only does The 'Not-So-Techy' Magic Club save you time on learning how to do everything, it also allows you to focus on marketing and actually making money instead of stressing about how you are going to get everything done.

Learning from a tech nerd (that's me!) helps to minimizes stress and anxiety as knowing how to do the basic tech for yourself actually saves you money (you don’t have to outsource to someone else as quickly as you might have done - imagine paying $7/month to learn how to create and use these platforms vs paying $100s if not $1000s to outsource). This is great news, especially in the early stages of running a business yourself, right?

Instant Access

If you don't use a platform for a while, it's easy to forget. With instant access to the Club portal, you can go back and refresh at any time.

As long as you're a member of the Club, you can go back as many times as you need to and if you need to stop your membership and come back later, that's OK too!


Walking alongside someone else on a new platform is the easiest way to learn. You may even think I'm in the same room!!


There are lots of tutorials inside the portal already with new tutorial(s) added each and every month.


Working from a template makes it a lot easier to get started. No need to start from scratch - I've done the hard work for you.

Again, this saves you so much time and money as you have something that you can use straight away with a couple of tweaks!

Voxer Office Hours

There's so much noise these days on socials. This way you get to chat with me and get answers to whatever you are stuck on.

Send me voice messages, text messages and even links to look over for you.

Voxer is a walkie talkie style (if you can use Messenger or WhatsApp, you can use Voxer!)


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

-Walt Disney-


Take a peek inside the Club...

Hello beautiful, I'm Jo...

I am a self-confessed Canva addict and Disney nerd. I have been described as the only person to have a Mary Poppins quote on my LinkedIn! I love reading and illustrating on my iPad. I'm a mum to a big human and a little fur baby and I'm married to my best friend.

Starting my own business after 35+ years in the corporate world has allowed me to help some amazing business owners around the globe and I hope that I can help you too (if I haven't helped you already).

I love to create and learn new things but I absolutely love to teach what I learn. The courses I have taken and the platforms I have learned have given me a great base for helping others along the way.

Are you ready for me to wave my magic wand over your business too?


"When she doesn't know something, she will find out in no-time. I am so impressed by her self-teaching approach and simple DOING what needs to be done. She has taken many things off my plate and I consider her a key asset in my businesses."

-Marlie Jolanda-

**Only $7.00 AUD (plus GST) per month**

BONUS: You will receive a copy of 

The 'Not-So-Techy' Magic Club Members Planner when you join the Club.

**Valued at $25.00 AUD**


It has been designed to be used as a digital planner and will work on PDF annotation apps like Goodnotes, Xodo, Noteshelf etc.

**Don't worry, I'll share some instructions.**


Refund Policy

As you get instant access to the entire Club and templates upon purchase, I do not offer refunds.


Please read through the whole sales page carefully (including the FAQs below) before choosing to purchase and, of course, if you have ANY questions, please send a message by clicking on the chat hat (or the ... if you're on a mobile device and hit chat) in the bottom right hand corner!

Here's what is included in the Club.png
  • Instant access to the Club portal

  • Step-by-step video tutorials

  • Templates on various platforms

  • Monthly Voxer office hours

**Only $7.00 AUD (plus GST) per month**

Imagine being able to save time (no more wasted time searching and procrastinating), being able to feel more supported in turning your content ideas into something amazingly tangible, feeling proud of your brand, gaining more confidence in your designs, increasing your credibility with your DREAM clients (which leads to an increase in sales and DREAM clients) and ultimately making more of an impact on your clients and the world.

Join The 'Not-So-Techy' Magic Club now and start building on your knowledge and gain new tech and graphic skills that you can be proud of.

**Only $7.00 AUD (plus GST) per month**
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