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Are you really ready to 'level up' your holistic business?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

What are the three areas you wish to develop, enhance, or grow in your business?

A lot of my clients tell me that they want to improve their design skills, learn how to create content for their social media and learn how to utilise software within their business.

Sound familiar?

In this blog, we will chat through how to level up your holistic business by using Canva and other software.

First things first, what skills do you have using Canva?

Are you a complete novice, an intermediate or an expert? You could be somewhere in between - whatever you answer is OK.

Repeat after me... and that is OK.

We are not all exactly where we want to be in our business. I know I am certainly not - there are lots and lots of things that I want to achieve, I want to help hundreds if not thousands of people, like you, to achieve a great life and a great business.

What can we do to help you to level up?

How many times have you written a blog post, a social media post or even a journal or ebook and left it sitting there without getting it out there?

If you said lots of times you are not alone. Believe me. I hear it all the time from 1:1 clients that I work with.

A few weeks ago, I was working with Jacque (she is a holistic coach). She had a 97 page Word document sitting in her computer doing nothing!


The content was absolutely outstanding (I know - I read it!!) but she was procrastinating about how to put it into an ebook design that she could monetise! She had spent months and months not doing anything with it!

Why do we do this? We all have our own blocks from one thing or another.

I am a recovering perfectionist - I should say I am still a perfectionist but I work on done is better than perfect when I get anything out there now!

Why am I telling you this?

I want you to know it is OK to release something without it being perfect. The design does not have to be perfect - you can jazz it up later or you can get someone to help you.

Levelling up can mean getting out of our own way and outside our comfort zone.

I know, Jo, but it is safe there!

It is safe there but staying there means you are not moving forward - the world needs you! Your DREAM clients need you!

How do I get it done?

Let’s look at what you have:

  • Do you have content for an ebook?

  • Do you have video content that you could share on YouTube?

  • Do you have journal prompts or downloads that you have been given?

  • Do you have captions sitting there that you do not know what to do with?

Take each piece and break it down.

If you have content for an ebook, think about what you need, for example:

  • a cover page

  • a welcome page

  • a disclaimer

  • a contents page

  • pages for the actual words

  • maybe some notes pages

  • a thank you page

  • a call to action

If you have video content for YouTube, what do you need?

  • A YouTube thumbnail

  • Social media posts to let people know they can view it

  • A link on your links page

Sounds good but now what?

I love Pinterest! Do not get me on there though as I lose hours and hours (and hours!).

Be strategic - go to Pinterest and search for ebooks. Look for designs that catch your eye - why did you stop? What did you like about it? Was it the design or was it the colours and the photography?

You have your brand kit - your colours, your fonts, the style of stock photography you use etc.

Head to Canva and play! Simply play! Open up an A4 document and play around with some shapes. Most pages are made up of shapes, elements and graphics with a bit of text.

Take inspiration (but definitely do not copy) from other ebooks that you find. What design can you come up with for your business from that inspiration?

Yes, it takes time to do this but you want to level up your holistic business and graphics is a simple way to do that. It levels up what your DREAM client sees from you and helps you to get out there. More eyeballs on your business and your messaging means more DREAM clients for you!

I do not have an offer for you this week as I am working on building a new membership. However I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment and let me know if this blog post helped you.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Meet your magical Canva Designer + Trainer

Jo Draper is a Gold Coast based Canva Designer and Trainer.

She is a creative business owner who brings her inner child to work every day and always has a hint of fun and magic in her day and work.

Jo loves serving business owners on a journey to hit six and seven figures with her 1:1 services as well as courses, workshops and digital products.

Jo shares her knowledge of Canva as well as other tools that she loves for CRM, email marketing and other business systems.

You will usually find a Disney quote in her blog posts as she is quite a fan and loves to create magic from some amazing quotes.

When she is not working, she enjoys Disney and Marvel movies, loves chocolate and listens to audiobooks while walking.

To work with Jo, fill out her contact form here.

Jo also hosts a podcast called Beautiful Conversations with Jo where she chats about her journey with breast cancer as well as other personal stuff. Check it out here.

Interested in learning how to get started with your Canva designs? Check out Jo's Studio and let her help you create your own fun and magic!


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