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What being ‘not-so-techy’ means for the new(er) business owner

In this blog, we will chat about what it means to be ‘not-so-techy’ and how learning can help you get moving in your new(er) business.

We will talk about the best platforms (in my opinion, anyway) to use when you are not tech savvy as well as how you can get more help as and when you need it.

What does ‘not-so-techy’ actually mean?

I have so many clients and friends who tell me ‘Jo, you’re so lucky being able to use all the tech.’

They also say ‘they can’t possibly learn new stuff’. Is this you too?

Maybe you tell yourself you’re too old, you’re too set in your ways or you’re too [insert what you are saying to yourself].

Being ‘not-so-techy’ could be seen as a gift - did you think of it that way?

What is you were gifted with something else instead of being a tech geek or nerd?

Running your own business using a computer will take some sort of tech skills - you’re already doing it, right?

What if you CAN learn new tech skills? What if you had the right person to teach you? Do you think you could do it then?

Why you need to learn new techy skills?

As I said above, we are nearly all in an online world now - whatever our business.

If we don’t decide to learn new techy skills, we could get left behind and our business doesn’t succeed.

I’m not saying this happens to everyone but what if you cannot afford to outsource the things that you’re not good at but that you need to move forward?

Not everyone has an excess of cash that they can afford to hire someone else to do the techy stuff.

It’s important to learn what you need to learn for a few reasons:

  1. How can you outsource in the future if you’re unsure of what needs to be done?

  2. What if you want to get your office documentation set up in readiness for hiring someone?

  3. We certainly don’t want someone that you’ve hired to be ripping you off with time and money.

How you can get started learning the tech with someone who has walked the walk and can talk the talk

Maybe you’re very new to business and you don’t actually know what you need right now.

You could be further along in your business but now you’re ready to introduce some new business platforms but you don’t know where to start.

How do you find the right platform that’s easy and straightforward to use.

I’ve simplified the tech that I use in my business and feel I can help you move forward with yours.

Here are my top tips:

  1. Canva - this amazing platform is great for social media graphics, email graphics, ebooks, documents, videos, reels and lots more.

  2. MailerLite - an email marketing platform that is straightforward to use and easy to get set up. There is even a free version with automations for sending a nurture sequence (when you have a lead magnet set up and want a few emails to help your DREAM client get to know you).

  3. Flodesk - this one is a paid email marketing platform but for anyone who is highly visual, it’s perfect. It’s pretty, it’s simple to set up and is easy to use week after week for your email marketing.

  4. Trello - if you are a fan of sticky notes, then you will love Trello. You can have multiple boards for different things or one board that has ‘all the things’. Make sure you don’t get overwhelmed with too much in one place though.

  5. Notion - my favourite platform for task and project management. I even have a client portal in there where my DREAM clients can chat with me and even upload their inspiration and anything else they need to share. It’s great for planning, for socials, for book tracking, travel bookings etc.

  6. Wix - I’ve been with Wix since I started my business and had my website set up for me. I’ve found it simple to create a new page or tweak existing pages. The SEO is not difficult to navigate and their how-to documents are amazing! Some of the best I’ve seen.

What my clients say about working with me

“Jo is so generous with her information and is an inspiration. How she turns up in her business is exactly how she is, and her wealth of knowledge around social media, Canva, and looking good online is fabulous. “

-Jacque Opie-

Want to work with me?

If you are a ‘not-so-techy’ new(er) business owner and you are having issues with getting started with business platforms, I’ve got something for you!

The ‘Not-So-Techy’ Magic Club is my $7.00 a month membership where I help amazing people like you to get over the tech overwhelm and learn from someone who has walked the walk and can talk the talk.

Let me be your tech nerd and help you navigate those business platforms that you know you need to use but have no clue how to get started.

Learn more about NSTMC and how to join here.

Meet your Trainer for the 'Not-So-Techy'

Jo Draper (along with her pawsome side kick, Scruff) is a Gold Coast based Canva Designer and Trainer who specialises in supporting her 'not-so-techy' friends.

Scruff is in charge of the mental health side of things and loves to give kisses in return for belly rubs and treats!

She is a creative business owner who brings her inner child to work every day and always has a hint of fun and magic in her day and work.

Jo loves serving business owners on a journey to hit six and seven figures with her 1:1 services as well as courses, workshops and digital products.

Jo shares her knowledge of Canva as well as other tools that she loves for CRM, email marketing and other business systems.

You will usually find a Disney quote in her blog posts as she is quite a fan and loves to create magic from some amazing quotes.

When she is not working, she enjoys Disney and Marvel movies, loves chocolate and listens to audiobooks while walking.

Jo also hosts a podcast called Beautiful Conversations with Jo where she chats about her journey with breast cancer as well as other personal stuff. Check it out here.

Interested in learning how to get started with your Canva designs? Check out Jo's Studio and let her help you create your own fun and magic!


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