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What on earth is The 'Not-So-Techy' Magic Club?

"Step inside and let's do this techy stuff together. Grab my magic wand (oops, I mean my hand) and let's do this!" - Jo Draper -

What is The 'Not-So-Techy' Magic Club?

That's a great question.

Let me start by giving you a story of how it all started.

When I first started my business, I found the tech was great, the templates were great, and the platforms but no-one was teaching me what to do with them, how to make them my own or what to do with them once I had created new things and wanted to share them with the world.

I set out to learn everything I could in my own business to help me do this.

Then I found that my clients struggled with the same thing. They had so many awesome ideas on how they can make a difference, but they were stuck procrastinating and then not helping their own DREAM clients at all!

This got me wondering how I could help other new(er) business owners with tech, templates and platforms, as well as the guidance on how to brand them, make them their own and use them in a practical way in their business.

I wanted to be able to stop their procrastination, turn their content ideas into something tangible, and I wanted them to be able to build a brand they are proud of, to show up for their DREAM clients with credibility, to gain more beautiful souls to work with and ultimately to make more of a positive impact for their DREAM clients and the world.

The Not-So-Techy Magic Club was brought to life.

Why Not-So-Techy?

A lot of my clients and networking connections are exactly that 'not-so-techy', 'tech dinosaurs' or 'retro tech users' and I get a lot of questions around helping with various platforms and software.

I want to help - seriously, I do.

I love learning and I love teaching - what better way to combine both by helping you to learn ‘all the things’ in a loving and nurturing environment.

Again, what is The 'Not-So-Techy' Magic Club?

The $7.00 a month Club (membership) that helps you to make business simple for new(er) and ‘not-so-techy’ people in business.

The 'Not-So-Techy' Magic Club is an affordable way for you to allow me be your tech nerd or geek.

I will be teaching you in a 'non-techy' way the next steps you need to learn the ins and outs of these easy to use and efficient business platforms.

Follow two pathways in your journey - no more getting overwhelmed with 'too much information'.

Create business systems that will have you screaming YES to learn more!

Who is the Club for?

  • If you are new(er) to business and call yourself a ‘tech dinosaur’ or someone who struggles to learn new tech

  • You may be a new(er) virtual assistant who wants to improve your tech skills in a variety of platforms to enable you to help others

  • Maybe you are a new(er) coach who wants to learn from someone who can ‘walk their talk’ and learn new things

Who is it not for?

  • Someone who has lots of skills already in the biz platforms that I teach (you may want to look at The ‘Not-So-Techy’ Fun (and Magic) Club if you need some more intermediate or advanced teaching.

  • If you do not want to learn anything about these platforms then it’s maybe not for you.

The next steps once you have learned all the basics will be The ‘Not-So-Techy’ Fun (and Magic) Club (this will be a totally separate membership that is coming soon) where you will get more 1:1 time with me (as well as the monthly modules which will include all of the basic modules plus the more intermediate/advanced modules).

Why you should join the Club

The 'Not-So-Techy' Magic Club includes these amazing things:

Step-by-step video instructions

Walk through videos from start to finish. Learn alongside me and learn the biz platforms you need to get moving on. No more tech stress as we take this business journey together. Topics will include the basics of Canva, how to set up social media planners and creating a links page.

Canva Basics Guide

Even if you've never used Canva before, don't worry as I've got you covered with my Canva Basics Guide. Even if you've used Canva before, you may still find some things that you didn't know.

Download your free PDF and learn more about this awesome business platform.

Voxer Office Hours

Chat with me during office hours on a monthly basis.

Simply send a text, a voice message or even a link to let me know what you need help with. I will reply with a message or even record a video if you are experiencing something that other amazing members need help with.

Templates for different platforms

You will be provided with business templates for a variety of platforms including Canva, Trello, Notion, Airtable and more.

For starters, we have social media planners in Trello, Notion and Airtable.

We will be using marketing and other business templates that will be perfect for all your business uses.

This helps you to get started with minimal effort.

Simply tweak to your own branding or needs and you're good to go.

All of this and for only $7.00 AUD a month - the question should be 'why would you not join if this is right for you?'

How you can get in for only $7.00 AUD a month?

Doors are open and ready for you to join me and other like-minded new(er) business owners.

Head to and sign up - I can't wait to see you inside.

Meet your Trainer for the 'Not-So-Techy'

Jo Draper (along with her pawsome side kick, Scruff) is a Gold Coast based Canva Designer and Trainer who specialises in supporting her 'not-so-techy' friends.

Scruff is in charge of the mental health side of things and loves to give kisses in return for belly rubs and treats!

She is a creative business owner who brings her inner child to work every day and always has a hint of fun and magic in her day and work.

Jo loves serving business owners on a journey to hit six and seven figures with her 1:1 services as well as courses, workshops and digital products.

Jo shares her knowledge of Canva as well as other tools that she loves for CRM, email marketing and other business systems.

You will usually find a Disney quote in her blog posts as she is quite a fan and loves to create magic from some amazing quotes.

When she is not working, she enjoys Disney and Marvel movies, loves chocolate and listens to audiobooks while walking. She also loves to illustrate on Procreate and she absolutely adores young adult books (Rick Riordan - Percy Jackson is a firm favourite).

Interested in learning how to get started with your Canva designs? Check out Jo's Studio and let her help you create your own fun and magic!


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