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How to copy one page from your Canva template without copying over the whole design

Transcript (verbatim):

0:00 Want to know how to copy one page from your design without copying over the whole of your template? Well stay tuned.

0:11 So in this way we've got two ways. So first way is to find your design, open it up and open another one up.

0:19 So I've got another Instagram post here. So all we're going to go is to the first one, find the page that we want, hit it and then go command and C or. Control and C, go to your other page and then go control V command V and then delete that page. And you've got it there.

0:39 The second way is to search. In your Projects. So search for whatever it is that you're searching for. Find it in here and then just grab that page.

0:52 Any questions? Let me know.


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