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Various ways of creating curved or wavy text in Canva



0:00 Did you know there's various ways that you can curve your text to help your design look a little better? Here are a few examples.

0:08 So all I did first of all was went to elements and I found some curved shapes just to give you an idea of the shape and it helps you to be able to curve.

0:19 So this first one is pretty much a text box. So press T for text and this is how to curve your text and then go to effects go to curve and then all you need to do is like go as much as you can.

0:40 You sometimes need to actually type in the numbers. I tend to use like a dot or a. Shape just to finish off so that I know where that text is going to go.

0:59 So that is the full text. This one is just on an angle. So I've turned it to 49 or it's felt 47. 1:10 So. Depends on how much you want to go. And then the curve on this one is 30. So you can just play with the angle, move it around a little bit.

1:21 When you move it, you'll see that you've got this circle. So you can. Like really instantly get it to the same size as the shape that you're doing.

1:33 Now the trick comes when you're doing ones like this. So this one is actually two text boxes. So let's close that. 1:41 So two text boxes here. The first one, this is how to, and it just depends how much text you've got and how much curve you want.

1:52 So the same as this one. So we just like moved it around and you'll see the circle like it's not perfect, but you can have a look.

2:04 You can see like how you can get it and you don't want it to be like too close to this, this one either.

2:13 So this one is, you can see it's like the opposite way round, but you still want that big circle to make it work.

2:22 So, and then it's just a case of like nudging your text up a little bit, just to make sure that it sort of lines up.

2:33 And like once you've taken this away, like you, you don't know that that's not together. So I hope that helps.

2:41 If you've got any questions, this is what I teach in the not so tacky magic blob. So come along and join the blank list.


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